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The Girl Who Dreamed of Ships

by Beverly Scofield

Young Adult - Adventure

The Girl Who Dreamed of Ships is a 19th century adventure story about Samantha Jones whose dream is to go to sea. She leaves her destitute family to get along with one less mouth to feed, and disguises herself to get a job as cabin boy on one of the last clipper ships. Her friends include Michael, a farm boy whose job she stole; Cookie, her boss and confidant; Barnes whose cryptic attitude keeps her off balance; and the Captain .

Every day Sam comes face to face with consequences of the choices she's made, finding herself plumbing the depths of her emotions to learn her own mind. At each port she meets people whose languages, cultures, and religions are new. At the end of the voyage, she is no longer the naïve city girl named Sam; she is a self-assured world traveler who is already beginning to dream again. E-Book, Paperback and Hard Cover

Available at:    Amazon    Barnes&Noble    Kobo    Xlibris


The Sword of Demelza

By Jeanne E. Rogers

Children's Book

Cynric, King of Demelza, is haunted by his past. In an effort to escape it, he wields a powerful sword, commanding his dragon lizards and a malevolent thylacine, to wreak havoc throughout the realm. Villages are burning and innocent creatures are dying.

Erik and Emma, two young marsupials, and Devon, an orphaned red fox, are on their own personal quests; two to save a life, one to destroy another. When their paths cross, these natural enemies forge an unusual friendship. Soon they hear of the devastation caused by the evil king and they realize that their personal objectives must be put aside. Even though that decision will affect their own lives, and the lives of the ones they love, they are determined to help their fellow creatures. They put themselves at risk by joining a motley crew of animals, whose main objective is to end the reign of King Cynric.

A final battle will take place in the shadow of Fortress Demelza as the king’s forces clash with this rag tag band of creatures from the countryside. The fate of Sunderland and its inhabitants is at stake. E-book and Paperback.

Available at:    Amazon     Createspace